Potala Palace, Tibet

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The potala palace in lhasa, tibet autonomous location changed into the chief residence of the dalai lama till the 14th dalai lama fled to india in the course of the 1959 tibetan rebellion.

It’s far now a museum and unesco world history web site.

The palace is named after mount potalaka, the mythical homestead of the bodhisattva avalokiteśvara.

The primary recorded use of the site dates from the 7th century advert, whilst king songtsen gampo constructed a palace right here.

Construction of the present structure started for the duration of the reign of the fifth dalai lama, lobsang gyatso, in 1645 and took divisions of labourers and artisans more than 50 years to finish.

The thirteenth dalai lama extended potala palace to the existing size.

The complicated, comprising the white and pink palaces with their ancillary buildings, is constructed on purple mountain within the center of lhasa valley, at an altitude of three,seven hundred meters (12,one hundred ft).

The palace measures four hundred meters (1312 toes) east-west and 350 meters (1148 toes) north-south, with sloping stone partitions averaging three meters (6.5 ft) thick, and 5 meters (16.5 ft) thick at the base, and with copper poured into the rules to help evidence it against earthquakes.

Thirteen testimonies of homes — containing over 1,000 rooms, 10,000 shrines and approximately 200,000 statues — jump 117 meters (384 toes) on pinnacle of marpo ri, the “purple hill”, rising greater than three hundred meters (approximately 1,000 feet) in general above the valley floor.

With over 130,000 square meters (1,399,308 rectangular toes) of floor area, is one in every of the biggest palaces within the international via floor region.

The white palace or potrang karpo is the a part of the potala palace that makes up the residing quarters of the dalai lama. The white palace additionally contained places of work, the seminary for training tibetan authorities officials and the printing residence.

At the photograph under is the former quarters of the dalai lama. The figure inside the throne represents tenzin gyatso, the incumbent dalai lama.

The crimson palace or potrang marpo is a part of the potala palace that is absolutely dedicated to non secular study and buddhist prayer. It consists of a complex layout of many special halls, chapels and libraries on many exclusive tiers with a complex array of smaller galleries and winding passages. It is richly embellished with painting, jewelled work, carving and other ornament.

The golden roof group is a completely unique view of the potala palace. It’s on the pinnacle of the purple palace, composed of 7 roofs made of gilded bronze. They’re the tops of the holy stupas of the dalai lamas.

The beautiful murals within the palace aren’t only attractive, however additionally tell many memories of the dalai lamas and the records of the tibetan people, and depict different customs and traditions held dear in this stunning part of the world.

The maximum important shrine inside the potala is the saint’s chapel within the purple palace, which incorporates a revered statue of avalokiteshvara and his two attendants. Below the saint’s chapel is the dharma cave, wherein king songtsen gampo studied the buddhist scriptures after his conversion in the 7th century. Those rooms are the oldest a part of the potala palace.

The chapel of kalachakra has a stunning gilt-copper three-dimensional mandala, 6.2 meters (20.3 ft) in diameter, and finely particular with over 170 statues.

In 1959, the modern dalai lama fled to india amid riots in opposition to the chinese navy career of tibet; he remains in exile today. Throughout the cultural revolution (1966-seventy seven), the remaining clergymen had been expelled and the deserted palace became looted and broken by means of chinese language infantrymen.

Nowadays, just a few clergymen are allowed to occupy the potala palace under strict supervision and tibetan pilgrims are not typically admitted to the shrines. The chinese language government operates the palace as a country museum and has lately renovated the constructing to attract foreign tourists.

Tradition has it that the 3 important hills of lhasa constitute the “3 protectors of tibet“. Chokpori, simply to the south of the potala, is the soul-mountain of vajrapani, pongwari that of manjusri, and marpori, the hill on which the potala stands, represents avalokiteśvara.

Potala palace is one of the holiest homes of tibetan buddhism.

It’s miles the best ancient palace within the international.

The palace turned into named by using the american tv show properly morning the united states and newspaper u.S. Currently as one of the “ new seven wonders”.

The variety of traffic to the palace become constrained to one,600 a day, with commencing hours decreased to 6 hours every day to avoid over-crowding from 1 may also 2003. The palace was receiving an average of 1,500 an afternoon previous to the advent of the quota, from time to time peaking to over 5,000 in at some point.