Malbork Castle of Poland

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The malbork castle in northern poland wears feathers in its cap. No longer most effective it’s miles the largest citadel in the international measured through land vicinity, it is also the arena’s biggest brick fort.

The fort became at the beginning constructed in the 13th century by way of the teutonic knights, a german catholic non secular order of crusaders, after the conquest of old prussia, in order to make stronger their very own manage of the place. Over the next hundred years, the castle was enlarged, adorned and fortified until it had come to be the biggest fort within the global.

Malbork fort, or marienburg, stands on the low-mendacity financial institution of the river nogat, about 25 miles from the baltic sea. The river bureaucracy a herbal boundary to the elongated fifty two-acre-web page where the citadel stands.

The other facets are blanketed through marshlands, leaving handiest the south-going through aspect of the fort to defend. This facet is fortified most formidably with the aid of walls and towers. Within this enclosure are three self-contained shielding structures joined together by using an complex network of fortification.

The outer fort held the places of work, carrier workforce, and necessary workshops to help this militant order. The center citadel became the place of work, and it also held the visitor quarters. The upper castle changed into the heart of this monastic castle with churches, bankruptcy-residence, dormitories, refectory, kitchen and many others.

The fortress turned into constructed with bricks because high-quality building stones was lacking inside the place. But, a strong basis changed into essential to make the fort stand up to invaders. So the primary 4 to seven feet of all the walls had been constructed with river boulders, infilled with smaller stones.

Bricks have been made and baked on website online in the outer yard the usage of dust from the river banks. Later, brick construction become shifted to the other financial institution of the river. Stone become used sparingly, but simplest for ornamental factors, specifically in the church and bankruptcy residence entrances. It’s miles expected that among seven to thirty million bricks had been used in its creation.

The malbork fort’s strategic function on the river gave the teutonic knights a monopoly on river change, allowing them to collect river tolls from passing ships. The fort remained with the knights for a few a hundred and fifty years, till it turned into seized via the polish navy in 1457 at some point of the 13 years’ battle. It became the royal house of the polish kings for the next 300 years, over two times as long as it was headquarters of the teutonic order.

By way of the first partition of poland in 1772, the citadel had end up an awful lot unnoticed, and consequently became used as a poorhouse and barracks for the prussian navy. In 1794, a structural survey of the fort was carried out to determine whether to maintain the castle or demolish it.

The sketches of the castle and its structure that turned into made throughout the survey via prussian architect david gilly, who was also the top of the department of the government’s building authority, changed into published via gilly’s son a few years later. Those engravings led the prussian public to “rediscover” the fortress and the history of the teutonic knights.

After the war of the 6th coalition, the castle became a symbol of prussian history and countrywide cognizance. Soon after, healing of the fort started out, which endured in ranges for extra than a hundred years.

During the nazi regime, the fortress turned into changed into a domain of pilgrimage. The nazis made frequent use of the teutonic knights’ imagery in their propaganda and beliefs, depicting the knights’ moves as a forerunner of the nazi’s conquest of eastern europe. Specifically himmler, who was obsessed on the teutonic order and wanted to see the ss as a cutting-edge day incarnation of the vintage order. The teutonic citadel served as a blueprint for plenty order castles that hitler constructed.

Satirically, in spite of these references to the teutonic order’s history in nazi propaganda, the order itself became banned with the aid of hitler because he believed that in the course of records, roman catholic army-non secular orders had been tools of the holy see and as such constituted a risk to the nazi regime.

At some point of world conflict 2, there was lot of combating within the region and the castle was badly damaged by means of allied shelling. Almost 1/2 of the fort became devastated. Over the subsequent seventy years, the citadel turned into slowly added back to form. The work concluded simply over 4 years ago (2016).