Balmoral Pyramid, Scotland

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Hidden some of the trees within the woods surrounding the balmoral castle in royal deeside, scotland, are eleven stone cairns erected via queen victoria in honour of her family, the most important being an excellent pyramid constructed to commemorate the demise of her cherished husband.

The balmoral property was bought by prince albert in 1852 as a gift for his wife, queen victoria. Because the house that originally stood at the belongings turned into now not befitting the royal circle of relatives, prince albert built a bigger fort approximately a a hundred yards to the old constructing, whilst persevering with to stay within the vintage house for the duration of the duration the brand new fort was being constructed.

After the citadel become finished in 1856, the vintage constructing turned into demolished. In memory of the demolished shape, a stone become located on the exact spot in which the front door stood.

Commemorating essential activities in her lifestyles with stone became something queen victoria picked up quickly after. She erected a “buy cairn” to mark the purchase of the property by way of her husband, and a cairn for each of her nine youngsters, excluding prince alfred, that is a thriller. Those stone cairns have been erected to celebrate their marriages.

After prince albert’s dying, queen victoria constructed several monuments to her husband at the estate, the most important of which changed into a pyramid-fashioned cairn on pinnacle of a small hill. The massive 4-sided shape was constructed the usage of granite and measures forty one ft by way of forty one ft at the base. The inscription at the pyramid reads: to the liked reminiscence of albert the superb and precise prince consort. Erected with the aid of his broken hearted widow victoria r. Twenty first august 1862.

After albert’s death, the mourning victoria started to spend growing intervals at balmoral, staying for so long as 4 months a 12 months throughout early summer time and autumn. All through this period she erected numerous monuments and cairns around the estate. Whilst her dependable servant john brown died, she also erected a cairn to his name, however had to tear it down at the behest of her eldest son edward vii who disliked brown.

The balmoral property keeps to serve as one of the houses of the british royal own family, owned by means of the queen and isn’t part of the crown estate. Although the estate itself is personal assets, the castle garden is open to public go to for the duration of spring.