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When the waterloo bridge over river thames opened in the december 1945, deputy top minister, herbert morrison spoke on its inauguration:

The men who constructed waterloo bridge are fortunate men. They realize that although their names may be forgotten, their paintings could be a satisfaction and use to london for plenty generations to come back.

Despite the fact that nicely-meaning, what morrison did not renowned became that a substantial variety of people who constructed the bridge have been clearly women.

The waterloo bridge is appeared as one of the finest bridges in london. Strategically positioned on a bend in the river, the bridge allows notable views of the westminster, the south bank and the london eye to the west, and of the metropolis of london and canary wharf to the east.

Despite the fact that its call commemorates the palm of the british over the french inside the battle of waterloo, to these days the ground is colloquially called “ the ladies’ ground”.

The authentic waterloo bridge, first of all called the strand bridge, became constructed among 1811 and 1817. It was a granite bridge with nine arches separated by using double doric stone columns, and turned into nearly 2,500 ft lengthy.

The bridge served properly for over a hundred years, however probably due to expanded volume of traffic crossing the bridge, one of the piers settled into the riverbed inflicting the bridge to dip on the strand end. In the Thirties, the london county council decided to demolish the bridge and update it with a brand new shape designed through sir giles gilbert scott.

By the point battle broke out in 1939, a large part of the bridge become already completed. However then, the men have been referred to as away to the fight the battle and the positions they vacated had been filled in by means of women. From 500 guys that have been regarded to had been operating on the bridge in the 1939, their numbers decreased to simply 50 by way of 1941.

It’s far hard to estimate what share of the personnel become female, but in line with the UK-based totally girls’s engineering society, some 350 women would possibly have labored on the waterloo bridge.

There may be little written document approximately those ladies who helped construct the bridge. Since the constructing contractor peter lind & enterprise liquidated its property in the Eighties, the company’s employment facts have vanished. However thanks to the investigative efforts of historian christine wall, we’ve some photos.

Wall additionally teamed up with filmmaker karen livesey and created a documentary known as the women bridge, which explores the testimonies of the ladies working on waterloo bridge and statistics first-hand the reports of a ramification of lady wartime employees.