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Norilsk is a city in krasnoyarsk krai, russia, positioned south of the western taymyr peninsula, around ninety km east of the yenisey river and 1,500 km north of krasnoyarsk.

Norilsk is three hundred km north of the arctic circle and 2,four hundred km from the north pole. It has a permanent population of 182,701 (2021), and up to 220,000 consisting of transient population.

It’s far the second-largest metropolis within the location after krasnoyarsk. Because 2016 norilsk’s populace has grown step by step. In 2017, for the first time, migration to the metropolis passed outflow; in 2018, according to krasnoyarskstat, herbal population boom amounted to one,357 human beings: 2,381 humans were born, 1,024 human beings died.

Norilsk is a center of non-ferrous metallurgy and is domestic to mining massive norilsk nickel’s mining operations. the norilsk-talnakh nickel deposits are the most important-recognised nickel-copper-palladium deposits in the global.

The smelting of the nickel ore is at once chargeable for excessive pollutants, which generally takes the shape of acid rain and smog. By using some estimates, norilsk’s nickel mines produce 1 percentage of worldwide sulfur dioxide (so2) emissions.

In 2004, two satellite towns (talnakh and kayerkan) have become districts of the city of norilsk, and oganer have become a suburb of norilsk’s crucial district.

The jurisdiction of norilsk additionally extends to the settlement of snezhnogorsk, which originated in 1963 as a settlement to accommodate the developers of the ust-khantai hydroelectric electricity station.

Get admission to to norilsk is restrained for foreign citizens, who require unique permission to go to the city.