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The authentic name of madagascar is the republic of madagascar.

Madagascar is an island u . S ., off the east coast of africa within the indian ocean.

The populace of madagascar is about 23 million people.

Most of the populace or better to say fifty two% keep their indigenous religious ideals, different forty one% are christian and seven% are islam.

Madagascar has professional languages, first is french and second malagasy.

Madagascar is the fourth biggest island in the global.The simplest large islands are borneo, greenland and new guinea.

The particular ecology of madagascar has led a few scientists to consult the country because the “8th continent” of the sector.

Madagascar has been an remoted island for around 70 million years, breaking away first africa around a hundred sixty five million years in the past after which from india nearly 100 million years later. This isolation led that the majority of the plant and animal species determined at the island are unique to this island.Among its extinct animals were giant flightless birds and dwarf hippos.

The lemur is handiest found in the wild in madagascar. Throughout madagascar, lemurs are regularly respected and protected by means of cultural taboo. Many beginning myths make a few connection among lemurs and people, usually through not unusual ancestry.

Nearly half of the sector’s chameleons (about 60 one-of-a-kind species) are determined simplest in madagascar. Known for their capacity to change coloration, those reptiles vary their appearance in response to adjustments in temperature, mild, and mood. Through rotating each eye independently,chameleons can see to all facets with out transferring their heads.

Tenrecs, which look similar to moles, shrews, and hedgehogs, have been probably the first mammals to reach at the island of madagascar. When scared, they curl up in a ball and make bigger spiky hairs to defend themselves from predators.

Madagascar’s largest predator the fossa has a cat-like frame and a dog-like nostril, however it’s far neither a cat nor a canine. This endangered animal is certainly a close cousin of the mongoose. About twice the size of a house cat, the fossa typically hunts birds and lemurs. A protracted tail helps it balance in trees high above the floor.

There are several plant species that can be used as natural treatments. For example, hodgkin’s ailment, leukemia, and different cancers may be handled by using the drugs vinblastine and vincristine, that are derived from the madagascar periwinkle.

Madagascar has the third largest coral reef device within the international, the toliara coral reef, off the south-western coast.

Madagascar is one of the world’s primary providers of vanilla and cloves, whilst espresso, lychees and shrimp also are essential agriculturally. The united states presently affords 1/2 of the sector’s supply of sapphires and produces some of other treasured and semi- precious stones.

Foods eaten in madagascar replicate the influence of southeast asian, african, indian, chinese language and eu migrants which have settled on the island. The cornerstone of the diet is rice – in truth, the word “to eat” in malagasy is mihinam-bary, which means that “to devour rice.”

Madagascar became a famous resting region for ecu pirates and buyers between the late 1700s and early 1800s, and turned into rumored to be the web page of the impartial pirate nation of libertalia, which may or might not have existed.

In step with the story pirates renounced their national identities and known as themselves liberi, making their very own gadget of government and law. They waged battle against states and lawmakers, liberating prisoners and freeing slaves.