The word meteora method actually ‘soaring in the air’ and of course brings to thoughts the phrase meteor. What created […]

When the waterloo bridge over river thames opened in the december 1945, deputy top minister, herbert morrison spoke on its […]

Although it looks like stone, the bulgarian st. Stephen church with its richly ornamented façade on the beaches of the […]

The potala palace in lhasa, tibet autonomous location changed into the chief residence of the dalai lama till the 14th […]

The lotus temple, located in new delhi, india, is a bahá’í house of worship finished in 1986. The bahá’í religion […]

Warsaw is the capital and biggest town of poland. The town is placed in east-critical poland in the heartland of […]

Goa is india‘s smallest nation. It’s far located on the southwestern coast of india. Goa encompasses an area of three,702 […]

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